Elementary STEM Club is a little pocket of joy in difficult times. This entire back-to-school seasons feels like a giant STEM Challenge with some seemingly impossible constraints. But with our collective knowledge, we are working through the obstacle course and surrounding ourselves with positivity and a spirit of problem-solving. I have been sorely needing to feel energized and inspired, and that’s why I’m already loving the good vibes of Elementary STEM Club so much!


How is Elementary STEM Club different from other clubs or memberships?

  • Our contributors are a collaborative group of STEM educators with a variety of backgrounds, bringing over 110 combined years of STEM teaching expertise!
  • We are listening to you and your needs, and making adjustments as needed so that this school year is successful for you.
  • Our members are teachers just like you. We share each other’s successes as well as struggles.
  • We are focused on essential skills of STEM in any school year, including this one. In particular, team-building and growth mindset will be more important ever in the midst of a pandemic. 
  • We planned Elementary STEM club to be a 3 month experience – long enough to dive in-depth but spread out enough so you don’t feel overwhelmed. There is something to look forward to each week.


So far this month:

Carol Davis (Teachers are Terrific) gave away a team-building challenge and provided video training on using the resource.



We LIVE streamed (with replay) an amazing panel discussion on STEM in Social Distancing and Distance Learning Environments.



We scheduled seven of our favorite authors to do live book chats with our members, starting August 24 and running through the three months of the club.





And we gave away a boatload of materials:




And next week, we’re raffling off prizes for our members. 👏 🎁


While we have started, it’s not too late to join us! We still have so much more to come!

In September, our theme is the Engineering Design Process. We’ll go through the same process of having something to look forward to every week:

  • A resource and video training (September is from Brooke Brown, Teach Outside the Box)
  • Bonus resources that support the monthly theme.
  • A live panel with a current teaching issue, trend, etc. (Members voted on “Tech Tools for STEM” for the month of September).
  • A book chat with an author (or more than one, as you can see from our list).
  • Surprises and giveaways!


And in October, we’ll cover failure & growth mindset!

Members have access to present and past materials through July 2021.


If you have any questions about Elementary STEM Club, let me know in the comments!


In the meantime, check out what members are saying about the club so far:


“This video has me VERY excited for this experience. A light in the darkness!” ~ Nathalie



“I’m so stinkin’ excited about being part of this ever growing and expanding group of educators! The knowledge I know I will gain from this group of people is going to be so invaluable. I feel like I stole this membership in that regard! SO WORTH IT!” ~ Amanda



“I am just now joining and am already so impressed! Thank you for providing this great resource.” ~ Elsie



“Wow! I am so glad I joined this Club! This panel hit all the spots I worry about. Bless you all!” ~ Lucy



“Thank you so very much. Needed your collective inspiration and wisdom this evening” ~ Stacy



“This was AMAZING!!! THANK YOU!” ~ Michelle



“Thank you to everyone here for this great conversation!!” ~ Kelley



“This has been amazing! I have been feeling so isolated. I’ve been taking notes furiously!” ~ Colleen



“I feel like we won the lottery as you shared some details!” ~ Margaret


What are you waiting for?

We can’t wait to “see” you inside the club!