Cupid’s Quiver Valentine’s Day STEM Challenge Paperless

Cupid’s Quiver Valentine’s Day STEM Challenge Paperless


In groups, students will design and build a bow & arrow set for Cupid’s Valentine’s Day target practice. (Designing the quiver is optional.)

Looking for Valentine’s Day activities that your students will love but are more than just a craft or activity to pass the time? This Valentine’s STEM Challenge (or STEAM Challenge) will keep your students engaged in brain-busting work disguised as fun!

The basic premise:

In groups, students will design and build a bow & arrow set for Cupid’s Valentine’s Day target practice. (Designing the quiver is optional.)

– Option: if you find bow & arrow design too difficult, modify the challenge to make throwing darts instead.

– Students will aim for high scores as they take three shots each at a Valentine’s themed target. Final scores are taken as the sum or average of their personal and/or team results.


Note: This is the digital format, compatible with Google Slides ™.

For the print version, click here.

Resource includes:

  • NGSS aligned standards, Grades 2 – 8
  • Teacher Tips:
    • Links to my 5-part video series on getting started with STEM challenges
    • Materials and timing
    • Criteria & Constraints (including modifications to increase difficulty for older students)
    • Measuring results
    • Universal STEM Challenge Notes & How to Use Student Slides
    • Post-design extension activities list
    • Link to a video walk-through of the challenge
    • Printable Cupid’s Target (Nine 8.5 x 11 inch pages in landscape format — in color and black & white versions — for you to print and arrange)
  • Student Handouts
    • Criteria & Constraints List (editable version provided)
    • Two options for recording results (sum or average scores)
    • Design Analysis
    • Discussion Questions
  • Extension templates
    • Process flow map
    • Create & solve math problems based on designs
    • Video/website linked slides
    • Cause & Effect Editable Notes and Activity (3 versions)
    • Optional narrative writing slide

Sample/suggested materials for each student or group:

(Materials you’ll need to do the activity are easily modified. You don’t need to provide all of the following materials. Select a subset and/or add in your own ideas.)

For each student or group:

  • Straws (5 – 10)
  • Cotton balls or sponge pieces (5)
  • Water colors or tempera paint (small cup per team)
    • Groups dip arrowheads in the “love potion” before taking aim. If the whole class uses one target, each groups needs a different color paint.
  • Pipe cleaners (5)
  • Craft sticks (3 – 5)
  • Tape (24 in.)
  • String (24 in.)
  • Rubber bands (5 – 10)
  • Scissors
  • Target prints (one per class or group


  • Unsharpened pencils
  • Plastic knives
  • Feathers

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