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Secrets to Successful STEM Challenges Webinar

The next Secrets to Successful STEM Challenges is coming June 27, 2019.  Register below.

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Everything You Need to Know About STEM Challenges Course

Part workshop, part lesson study, part straight-up PD — this course gives you the tools & training you need to run successful, rigorous STEM Challenges with your students. The course doors are open now!

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One of the trickiest and scariest problems teachers face is helping students overcome the fear of failure with growth mindset traits like resilience, grit, persistence and determination. The fear of failure can so adversely affect our students lives that I'm devoting a whole month to it -- the scariest month of the year -- Failtober! Click through to the blog to see what's in store!

It’s not PD in the typical sense, but we’ll be spending all of October exploring this more intense of fears, and how you can help your students develop a healthy relationship with productive failure. The month will have a series of Facebook Live sessions (uploaded later to YouTube) on related topics and some other resources and goodies along the way. See more on the blog post.


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