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Where can I learn about the basics of STEM Challenges?

Head to the STEM Challenge Basics page!

Does it make a difference if I purchase resources on TPT vs. FGT?

The short answer is: no. 🙂

Teachers Pay Teachers is a third-party site and Feel-Good Teaching is my own site. Whether you purchase on TpT or FGT, you will receive the same resources with lifetime updates for free.

The prices are the same on both sites, but I do pay a commission to TpT for resources sold on their site. In addition, if you are signed up for the newsletter, I often send freebies and coupons that apply only on the Feel-Good Teaching site, because I have more flexibility there with the kinds of sales and promos I can run.

What if a challenge is an epic fail?

And here’s a live session I did on the topic for good measure!

Skip ahead to about the 4 min. 37 second mark.

I have a short class period. How can I fit STEM Challenges into my plans?