Quick Build STEM Centers Bundle

Quick Build STEM Centers Bundle


Quick Build STEM Activities are the perfect addition to any classroom. Teachers who are limited on time will love using these simple STEM activities in centers, makerspaces, choice boards and more!


A quick build in STEM is like a quick write in ELA: Students will not go all the way through the engineering design process; instead, they will choose a challenge and quickly “draft” a design to build. The focus of these activities is primarily on the build. Reflection questions are also provided for those who want to add a little analysis after the build.


Quick Build STEM Challenges:
Are quick & easy to implement (~15-20 minutes)

Use 5 or fewer simple materials

Emphasize problem-solving & critical thinking

Focus on two or more STEM strands (science, technology, engineering, math)

Have built-in self differentiation; students choose between two options for each challenge

Have editable student pages so you can make any changes needed for your students



Note: Quick Build STEM activities are best completed individually or in student pairs.




⭐ Included in This Resource ⭐


  • Nine (9) Quick Build STEM Challenges (Coin Tower, One-Page Tower, A River Runs Through It Tower, Ice Cream Cone, Cylinder Platform, Gift Box, Lever Launcher, Wheelbarrow, and Ramp It Up) The themes are Towers, 3D Solids, and Simple Machines.
  • Two (2) EDITABLE Student Handouts for each quick build to record & reflect on their designs
  • Two (2) Build Options with each quick build STEM challenge for self-differentiation
  • Teacher Notes & Tips
  • Labels, Instructions & Materials Lists to set up activities in bins or folders.


See a free sample here.


❤️ Ways to Use This Resource ❤️

  • Makerspaces
  • STEM Centers
  • Sub days
  • Choice boards
  • Early finishers
  • Homework
  • STEM nights
  • Grab bag challenges (Place all materials inside a brown paper bag. Students grab a mystery bag and design for the challenge they find inside.)
  • For parents waiting for teacher conferences, Open House, Back to School Night, etc.


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