STEM Challenge Activities for the Year Paperless

STEM Challenge Activities for the Year Paperless


This STEM Challenge bundle provides great variety with the 10 high-quality, rigorous, NGSS-aligned STEM Challenge activities included.

Each challenge includes suggestions, templates, and modifications to help you adjust for difficulty and tie in content standards within and beyond STEM. Get all the fun, with none of the fluff!

Each resource is available individually for between $4 – $5 each. This bundle makes it easy to stock up for the entire year at a steep discount!


Note: This resource is available here and on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Resources include:

  • NGSS aligned standards, Grades 2 – 8


  • Teacher Tips
    • Links to my several STEM Challenge PD and Teaching Tips Videos
    • Links to video walk-throughs of every challenge
    • Materials and timing
    • Criteria & Constraints (including modifications to increase difficulty for older students)
    • Measuring results
    • Universal STEM Challenge Notes & How to Use Student Handouts Post-design extension activities list


  • Student Handouts
    • Criteria & Constraints List (editable; in color and black & white)
    • Record & Reflect Handouts (editable; 2-page regular spacing and 4-page expanded spacing for primary students included) (color and black & white)
    • Discussion Questions (editable; in color and B&W)


  • Extension templates
    • Process Flow Map
    • Create Math Problems Based on Designs
    • Additional extension templates are vary by challenge.

For more details, click through on each challenge link below or view the preview provided.

August / September – Apple Annihilator

October – Treat Toss

November – Pumpkin Picker

December – Sled & Slope

January – Frosted Forest

February – Candy Container

March – Limitless Luck

April – Egg-hanced

May – Planetopia Plants

June / July – Keep it Cool / Make it Melt

So, what teachers think about the challenges in this bundle?

“I love how this can be used for a variety of grade levels. All the videos linked were very helpful in administering this awesome project.” (Apple Annihilator)

“This was an amazing activity, perfect for the last day of school before Halloween. It kept my 5th graders engaged and thinking the entire time. I loved the reactions I got from them when something worked or didn’t work. I will be purchasing your activities in the future!” (Treat Toss)

“This is a fun STEM challenge that is very thought provoking. Excellent tie in to writing and math, and very detailed teacher notes and steps. That makes it so much easier to get everything set up so the students can start learning. Great product! Thank you!” (Pumpkin Picker)

“My classes loved these activities. They were discussing and figuring out ways to improve their projects too. They learned a lot from these.” (Sled & Slope)

“What a great STEAM and math unit! There were SO many places to go with this activity that I was able to use it for more than one grade level. There were wonderful extension ideas as well. This one will be added to my regular rotation with my students!” (Frosted Forest)

“Extremely thorough, well written resource. Fun and engaging! (Candy Container)

“Once again, this author delivers! I own many of your stem challenges and have use them throughout the school year. I have never been disappointed! The frisbee game was a huge hit with my 5th grade resource students. The video was extremely helpful. Keep them coming.” (Limitless Luck)

“Great packet for a STEAM activity. Can’t wait to try it out it my students. I really like how there are two levels of challenges. I’m using this for students in grades 3 to 6, so it will be a great way to challenge the older students without frustrating my younger students.” (Egg-hanced)

“I can’t say enough about this purchase. We loved it! The videos for teacher set up and your thoughts on the engineering and design process are awesome! Engagement was at an all time high!” (Planetopia Plants)

“Great resource. Easy to follow detailed instructions with photos. The link to an instructional video was really helpful. Different activities for different grade levels. I highly recommend this.” (Keep it Cool / Make it Melt)



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