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Rewarding failure has become an American epidemic (perfect for set 1 as a conversation starter about the types of attitudes we do and don’t want to develop as we learn to embrace productive failure)!

Jocelyn Bell Burnell & Pulsars

Persistence, Resilience, and Adaptability: The Qualities of a Scientist (works well for sets 1 & 5: Growth Mindset and Beyond Self)

The History of Breeding Mice for Science Begins With a Woman in a Barn

This 19th Century “Lady Doctor” Helped Usher Indian Women Into Medicine

Top mathematician says he solved the ‘single most important open problem’ in math after 160 years (works well for sets 3 & 5: Be Patient and Build Upon Prior Work)

Scientists behind game-changing cancer immunotherapies win Nobel medicine prize

I like this one for set 4: Be Creative for this reason: “Commenting on Monday’s award, Dan Davis, an immunologist at Britain’s University of Manchester, said “this game-changing cancer therapy” has “sparked a revolution in thinking about the many other ways in which the immune system can be harnessed or unleashed to fight cancer and other illnesses.””