Always preview the videos before sharing with students to ensure suitability & appropriateness for your age group.

For example, some of the accidental scientific discoveries videos discuss viagra, which you may not find appropriate. In all cases, you should preview the content to prevent headaches later! 🙂

Perfect for Sets 1 & 4!

Perfect for set 1: Make Mistakes.

Perfect for set 4: Imagine & Dream and Be Creative

Shorter option for the video above.

?Perfect for set 5 (Be Skeptical & Build Upon Prior Work), set 2 (Be Organized & Methodical), set 3 (Use Logic & Reason), and set 1 (Always Be Learning). Also: bonus set from bundle (Look for Patterns).

?This video is AMAZING for teaching STEM Ideals! You could use it with any set, really. These guys took what looked like an impossible problem and kept at it, using all available resources, because they were working with purpose! Watch this! Show it to your students! Seriously amazing!