These last few weeks have been trying for all of us. Teachers have been thrust into strange new territory with distance learning, and parents received an unexpected new job of homeschool teacher.


I’m hoping to help both groups navigate the waters just a little bit easier, but I’ll be honest, this is new territory for me too. Watch the video for more details on my plan.



So parents, if you want to be your child’s facilitator for STEM Challenges, here are the links that will help you:

Feel-Good Teaching on YouTube

You’ll find 52 STEM Challenge video walk-throughs here. Remember, these videos are for you as the facilitator. Don’t show them to your kids. It will inhibit their problem-solving and creative process.


And don’t forget to check out Getting Started with STEM Challenges playlist and/or Secrets to Successful STEM Challenges training.


Universal STEM Challenge Templates

These templates and editable and will help you set up any challenge and guide your kids to record, reflect, and analyze.


Take the Personality Quiz for Guidance & Freebies

I made this quiz to determine where teachers were in their STEM Challenge understanding. Some of the questions may not apply well to you, but most still will. At the end of the quiz, you’ll get some links and directions for what will help you. You’ll also get an option to have me send five days of STEM Challenge freebies right to your inbox.


Or, if you’d rather have someone else (me!) guide you child …

Get Notifications for Simple STEM at Home

You never planned to be a homeschool teacher. I get it, and I’m going to do my best to help! I’ll send you emails to notify you when new videos and assignments are ready for your kids. I’ll be focusing on making this work for the widest range possible of elementary and middle school students, giving them options to make the work the right level of difficulty.

Videos will go up each weekday at 10:00 a.m. Pacific. Occasionally, we may add videos as needed. Out first week starts Monday, March 23.

Videos will be shared on a new YouTube channel (link will be shared as soon as it’s ready). Assignments will be shared using Google Drive.