I love my STEM Challenge materials & tools. When it comes to cutting cardboard, you have several great options!



Cardboard Cutting Option 1:

Use soft cardboard like cereal & tissue boxes. Students can layer, fold and cut as needed to build up strength and rigidity.


Cardboard Cutting Option 2: 

If you want to use stronger, corrugated cardboard, you’ll want to invest in some tools. (Avoid spending your own money by creating a Donors Choose project or setting up a wish list for students’ parents. There’s a free, editable parent letter linked at the end of this post. ūüėć


I recently reviewed these four tools to see how they did with straight, curvy and zigzag lines. And, of course, safety is always a top consideration before bringing any of these into the classroom! (Note: these are affiliate links below. That means if you purchase any of these, I’ll get a few cents to put in my materials & tools piggy bank.)

ZipSnip                                                Klever Kutter


Canary Cutter                                  Canary Scissors


Here’s my video with pros/cons and demos for each tool.

Spoiler alert, my # 1 favorite cardboard cutting tool is also listed below the video.




Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

And the winner of my favorite cardboard cutting tool is ….

Canary scissors!

They’re easy to use for all types of cuts and they felt safe to use. They’re on the pricey side though, so put these on your next Donor’s Choose grant or Amazon Wish List. Share that wish list with parents. For. real. You just never know! I have an editable version of my parent letter requesting donations and directing them to my Amazon wish list. When you make it easy for parents, some of them will contribute.


You can snag a copy of my editable parent letter in the freebie below.


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