The 4 C’s of Engineering are collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. They should be at the foundation of every successful STEM Challenge you facilitate with your students, and what better way to start the school year than by emphasizing the importance of all four?!

Back to School STEM Activities


Back-to-School STEM Challenges are my favorite ice breaker because it’s about so much more than students getting to know each other. It gives you a chance to practice your procedures and class rules. You’ll be covering content standards, of course. But the real draw for me is how much you’ll learn in such a short time about how your kids think, how well they work in teams, and where you’ll need to spend some time helping them develop those 4 C’s. I’ve prepared these 4 C’s posters with an activity that you can grab for free to get you on your way below!




If you’re looking for Back-to-School STEM Challenges that are a little more original and that your students are less likely to have #beenthere #donethat, check these out! My personal favorites are Apples A-head and Apple Annihilator, but you really can’t go wrong with any option!


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